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Does AdSense Sites still work?

AdSense Income Sites

Perhaps the subject of this Blog Post is a bit of a loaded question. Because in my opinion, I already know what the answer is.

It is a resounding YES! And I’m not just saying it because I think so. I’m saying so because it is one of the things I do online that is bringing me a steady, passive income.

I currently have 5 websites running, all of which builds automated content daily (sourced from Youtube). Once I have set it up, it really is a case of forget. I also use some of these sites to place some adds to Affiliate offers and CPA offers, all automatically. (Update: At the time of writing this I had 5 Websites running. I now have 4 as I had just sold one of the domains. More about that in a later post.)

Some of the sites were built intentionally do generate passive income (like the one pictured above), while others are just put to work while I work towards flipping them. So, if I find a nice domain that already has some good organic traffic going to it, I usually would just setup a quick WordPress Site on it and put it to work! No need for it to lie dormant somewhere until somebody decides to buy it!

As a matter of fact, if the site has been running for a few months, and have started generating some income, you can sell the whole site as is, rather than just the domain, turning an even bigger profit. That’s why it is always worth your while to develop the domains first. And with my process, I can get the new site up and running within 30 minutes to an hour.

Link it to a Facebook Page and Twitter account, auto posting to these Social Networks, and you start increasing you traffic and engagement even more.

This whole Blog Post as pictured above was auto generated for me. It embeds a video that it finds on YouTube and puts some content as well. See how I have Adsense ads placed throughout the post? (I also have other ads all over the site, some going to CPA offers).

So let’s do some sums! My aim with a site is to get it to start generating $1 per day (This one site pays for all my hosting). If I have 10 sites generating $1 I have $10 a day Passive Income. Scale that to 20 sites and I start having $20 days just coming in from this business. All I have to do is keep on scaling until I have 100 productive websites generating me that magic $100 pay days. This is just from AdSense. This does not take into account the extra I’m making on other Advertising platforms and CPA or even Clickbank Offers!

So as you can see, with a little bit of upfront work you can really get these passive income machines going. In some future posts I will show you how you can do this yourself.

Until then, happy earnings!

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