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Neels Conradie Internet Marketing Blog

Hi, Neels Conradie from South Africa here. I was born in Johannesburg, the economic capital of South Africa. I grew up in a town to the South of Jo’burg, called Alberton, and now live to the North in a place called Midrand! I am in my early 40’s, but who’s counting? I know I’m not!

I am not a Full Time Internet Marketer, but would love to start doing it full time at some point. For the time being though I am enjoying my day job, and I’m good at it. What do I do you ask? Well, I’m in the IT field managing the Data Governance and Data Warehousing of the business.

As you might have noticed from my career, I’m quite technically inclined. I thus find the more technical aspects like setting up Websites, etc. quite easy. As a matter of fact I have been building websites for more than 20 years. Believe me, a lot of things have changed in that time.

On a more personal note, the wife and I are volunteer Puppy Raisers for the South African Guide Dog Association. This is where we take in a little ball of fur and then raise them for a year, grooming to became a Guide or Service Dog, making a huge difference in somebody’s life. Fortunately, the Puppy comes with a manual! Her’s Puppy Jake, practicing his sit!


I also do have some hobbies. These include Reading (Mainly Sci-Fi), Watching Rugby (My glory playing days are over..) and Growing Clivias (A beautiful plant).

I do love to travel all over the world but haven’t for quite some time now. That is something I’m planning on changing soon. Can’t travel though while we have a Puppy though, so we’ll have to plan our trips for when we are in between Pups!

I hope you enjoy your visit to my blog. My door (the virtual one!) is always open. If you have a question, need help with some technical aspect, or just want to chat, feel free to come and visit me on my Facebook Page!

Hope to connect with you soon!

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